Boy Scouts of AmericaTroop 181 Bradenton, Florida

                            TROOP 181 LEADERS

Clifford "Cliff" Manrodt- Scoutmaster

Allan F. Baily - Assistant Scoutmaster & Advancements & Life to Eagle

               Live Oak Award Recipient 2008, Soutmaster of the year 2010

Carl B. - Senior Patrol Leader 

Kenny T. - Asst. Senior Patrol Leader 

John O. - Phoenix Patrol Leader (formerly Fighting Irish)

Colby M.- Red Hot Chili Peppers Patrol Leader

Kyle C - Troop  Asst. Scoutmaster

Michael O. Troop Asst. Scoutmaster

Kenny T.-  Troop Instructor

William C. & Andy T.- Troop Guide

Chandler S. -  Troop Order of Arrow Representative

John O. -  Asst. Senior Patrol Leader

Michael T.  -  Troop Bugler

Hunter T. & Colby M. -  Troop Chaplain Aide

Brandon  -  Troop Librarian

TBA  -  Troop Historian

Andy T. - Troop Quartermaster

TBA.  -  Troop Scribe

Lane L. - Troop Webmaster

TBA - Troop Leave No Trace

David Behnke - Life to Eagle

Chris Colaco- Troop Treasurer & Training Chair

Richard "KIWI" Cleland - Asst. Scoutmaster "Aka 1.5" & Camping

Kyle "KIWI JR." Cleland - Asst. Scoutmaster & Training  

Michael Ingram - Scoutmaster Emeritus "AKA 1.0)(2006-2007)   

Victoria Hope Lee - Executive Officer  

Jamie "PAPA SMURF" Lewis - Asst. Scoutmaster

Peter Livingston - Training

Cliff Manrodt - SCOUTMASTER

Tiffany Manrodt - Popcorn & Fundraising Chair

Kim "PRINCESS" O'Dowd - Scout Mistress 

Gina Perea - Committee Chair

Doug Shepard - Committee Member

             Live Oak Award Recipient 2008 - CubMaster Of the Year 2008  

Charlotte Thielen - Charter Orginization Representative  


Gina Perea- Committee Chairman;                                        

Committee Members - Allan F. Baily,  David Behnke, Richard "Kiwi" Cleland,  Kyle "Kiwi Jr." Cleland, Chris Colaco, Jamie "PAPA SMURF"Lewis, Pam "SMURFETTE" Lewis, Peter Livingston, Cliff Mandrot, Tiffany Manrodt, Kim O'Dowd "PRINCESS",  Gina Perea, Dana Puig, Douglas Shepard,  Charlotte Thielen, Richard Zebracki, Kathy Zebracki.

Tiffany Manrodt- Fundraising

Dana Puig - Fundraising & Scout Games :)

                        TROOP 181 HANDBOOK

 NEW TROOP Policy on Eagle Scout's effective January 2012 .  All Life Scouts working towards the Rank of Eagle must continue to be an active member of the Troop with participation in a minimum of 75% of Troop Meetings, and a minimum of 75% of Troop activities and campouts to be assured of receipt of the Committee Chairman and Scoutmasters signature on your Eagle Scout Application.  (Note: excepts will be considered if more than the 25% of Troop meetings or activities are missed due to any required school activities or sports activities - please check with the Scoutmaster prior for an exception for such activities).

In Progress  - Questions or Suggestions, please contact Kim O'Dowd


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