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     We have started several merit badges that will take a few weeks to a few months to complete. There will be some work that the scouts will have to do at home and should be fun.      Merit badges are important for advancement.  Some are Eagle required (noted with a * before the Merit Badge) and the opportunity to do them only happens once in a while. They are also meant to provide the scout with exposure to different things that may become a hobby or even a career.   As leaders, and merit badge counselors, we will set up the merit badges, provide an opportunity for the scout to complete it and review the required material.  The scout is responsible for completing any book or homework.  Some of this is very easy like taking some pictures and labeling them, others take time like tracking daily chores, making something or participating in an event.   Either way, the scout will NOT get credit for the merit badge until it is complete and graded with the Merit Badge workbook with the Scouts name filled in and turned into the Merit Badge Counselor.  Parents, we need your help encouraging them to finish the badges we start as soon as possible.  If several months go by, the entire merit badge may have to be restarted on their own (note by Boy Scout rules all merit badges MUST be completed within Twelve months of the start date) and the merit badge councilor may not be available to help.  Additionally, by this point we will have moved on to other merit badges and activities, so get them done right away or miss out!.


   LINKS BELOW FOR ALL OF THE MERIT BADGE WORKSHEETS                                       (If you would like to review the full merit badge book, see the troop Librarian to check out the book - Please remember to return the book once complete so another scout can have the opportunity to use the book.

MERIT BADGES in progress UPDATED February 17, 2014 

Coin Collecting - Start date 2-2-2015     Note,  I am still waiting for the insect merit badge completions.  I will be closing out the merit badge in the next couple weeks so get those photos done and turn in your workbook sheets with each scouts name!

Insect Study-Start date 11-10-2014

**Personal Fitness-Start date 1-19-2015

**Personal Management-Start date 12-8-2014

Public Speaking-Start date 2-9-2015  


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