Boy Scouts of AmericaTroop 181 Bradenton, Florida


Colby M.-  Patrol Leader

Ricky Z.-   Asst. Patrol leader

Patrol Yell - Chili Peppers Chili Peppers HOT HOT HOT Sccccccccch !!!!!

                                SPL COMMENTS

                               All Scouts Review How to Tie Knots                                                  Carl B.           SPL                            & Update your Patrol Leader on your current Rank                                     Advancements needed towards your next Rank 

                     PATROL LEADER COMMENTS

1.  Make Sure your in Class A Uniform for Meetings and on campouts, class B uniforms for the first meeting after a campout. 

2.  Make Sure you bring your BSA Handbook with you to Meetings 

3.  Campouts are fun - Make Sure you Attend the next Campout !!