Boy Scouts of AmericaTroop 181 Bradenton, Florida

                  Scoutmaster Minute (CLIFF MANRODT)

           Excerpt From 1926 BOYSCOUT Handbook

                       WHAT IS A BOY SCOUT

Scout! What fun he finds in hiking into the woods!  He tells North from South by the moss on the trees, or East from West by the shadows.  He can talk to a brother Scout across a river by singaling.  He knows the principal trees and birds and animals that he meets, he knows which are poisonious weeds or reptiles, he can find his way by the stars as the indians and pioneers before him.  If matches are forgotton, he laughs and proceeds to kindle fire by rubbing sticks together or by striking steel on flint.  The fire once started, what good things he can cook out there in the open!  He keeps himself physically fit, he avoids poisons of alcohol or tobacco; he guards his tounge from loose speech or boasting or sacrilege.  When he speaks of anyone, he tries to speak well of him.    His scout "GOOD TURN" to someone each day make him may friends - for the way to have friends is to first BE one.  His motto is "BE PREPARED" and he thinks through in advance what he would do in fire or storm.  When someone is injured he is "ready" to help him with his First Aid knowledge.  He always tries to be a useful citizeen.  He helps his community.  Another big thing a Scout enjoys is camping -  - there he finds fun in game or swim - he finds new friends in woods and other fellows - and there amoung the trees, or under God's lilent stars, or by the campfire ruddy embers, he dreams out his great TOMMOROW.

DO A GOOD TURN DAILY began in the fifth Century where a knight riding in a forrest helped save a elderly woman in trouble or protected helpless farmers, such was the life of a knight for every day to remain in the bother of knighthood they must do a "good turn."

According to the 1926 Boyscout handbook, examples of a modern (1926) good turn daily was;  cranked a car for a one-armed man, fixed a little boys tricycle, put water in the grocery store chicken coop, kept a weazel from killing neighbors chickens, assisted a russian boy with English grammar, repaired a neighbors broken front porch, walked to town to get a sick womans husband, climbed a tree at night to get a chicken for a lady, pulled a splinter out of a dogs foot and treated it, helped attend to a cow that was cut on a wire fence, caught a cow and frove it home for a lady, freed a cow that was tangled in a wire fence, removed a slipknot from around a cow's neck, polished an old woman's wood burning stove for her, cut wood for another boy who was sick, attended to a neighbor's baby while the mother was out of town, bought stove wood for a poor family and gave it to them, helped a man fix his fence where the cows had torn it down, etc.