Boy Scouts of AmericaTroop 181 Bradenton, Florida

                     LIFE TO EAGLE SCOUT POLICY

NEW TROOP Policy on Eagle Scout's effective January 2012 . All Life Scouts working towards the Rank of Eagle must continue to be an active member of the Troop with participation in a minimum of 75% of Troop Meetings, and a minimum of 75% of Troop activities and campouts to be assured of receipt of the Committee Chairman and Scoutmasters signature on your Eagle Scout Application. (Note: excepts will be considered if more than the 25% of Troop meetings or activities are missed due to any required school activities or sports activities - please check with the Scoutmaster prior for an exception for such activities (authorized exceptions are work, scheduled school activities and scheduled extra-curricular activities - WITH prior approval of Scoutmaster and Committee Chairman).


The scout is responsible for completing any book or homework. Some of this is very easy like taking some pictures and labeling them, others take time like tracking daily chores, making something or participating in an event. Either way, the scout will NOT get credit for the merit badge until it is complete and graded with the Merit Badge workbook with the Scouts name filled in and turned into the Merit Badge Counselor. Merit Badge Counselors for Troop 181 will be designated by the Troop Committee Chairperson or Scoutmaster for individual Merit Badges. All scouts, you MUST provide a letter/note to the Scoutmaster or designated Merit Badge Counselor PRIOR to beginning any merit badge, otherwise you may not be given credit for a specific merit badge as some Merit Badges have a very specific time requirements. Parents, we need your help encouraging your scouts to finish the badges we start as soon as possible, but please remember that it is the scouts merit badge which they MUST complete and turn in the Merit Badge workbook worksheet in the scouts handwriting(typed or in another persons handwriting are unacceptable). Scouts, please remember that simply turning in the paperwork may or may not be enough as the Scoutmaster or Merit Badge Counselor may ask you specific questions about the merit badge and your answers to ensure that you completed the work yourself (books, articles and the internet are a great source to find the information). If several months go by, the entire merit badge may have to be restarted on their own (note by Boy Scout rules all merit badges MUST be completed within Twelve months of the start date) and the merit badge councilor may not be available to help. Additionally, by this point we will have moved on to other merit badges and activities, so get them done right away or miss out!.



                                                                      TOTIN' CHIP

No Scout is permitted to carry any type of knife until they have earned their "Totin' Chip". The Troop will provide this Knife Safety Program to your Scout after joining the Troop. Whenever a Scout violates any of the knife safety rules, a comer will be cut off of his Totin' Chip card. When all four corners are cut off the card, the scout will have to be re-certified by again taking the Knife Safety Program before he will again be permitted to carry and use a knife.  If a Scout does a serious safety concern with a knife, axe, Saw or any other sharp implement which could cause serious injury to the scout or other individuals, in the Committee Chairperson or Scoutmasters sole discretion, the Scout may lose their right to the Totin' Chip card by having ALL four  corners cut at the same time and with the Scout losing their right to carry or utilze such knives, Axe, or saws until the Scout retakes the Knife Safety Program and is recertified by the Scoutmaster and presented with a new Totin Chip.


No Scout is permitted to carry matches until they have earned their "Fireman Chit". The Troop will provide this Fire Safety Program to your Scout after joining the Troop. A Scout is never permitted to carry any type of lighter under any circumstances. As with the Totin' Chip, a Scout who violates any of the fire safety rules will have a comer cut off his Fireman Chit card. When all four comers are cut off the card, he will have to be re-certified by again taking the Fire Safety Program before he will again be permitted to carry and use matches.. If a Scout does a serious safety concern with fire or around a campfire which could cause serious injury to the scout or other individuals, in the Committee Chairperson or Scoutmasters sole discretion, the Scout may lose their right to the Fireman's Chit card by having ALL four  corners cut at the same time and with the Scout losing their right to to make campfires to to utilize fire starteres or implements until the Scout retakes the Fireman's Safety Program and is recertified by the Scoutmaster and presented with a new Fireman's Chip.

                   TROOP TRAINING POLICY

Please update your Training Certifications and provide copies of all certifications to either Troop Training Leader or Scoutmaster.

Medical Forms and Certifications, please provide all forms to Gina Perea.

1. NOTE: ALL Leaders must have completed all required Training to go to Summer Camp Effective May 1, 2010.

2. NOTE: Effective September 1, 2013, ONLY registered Adults with completed Training will be allowed on Troop Activities or Troop Camping. Thank You - Please get trained for the ScoutsReq. Youth Protection Training (2 Years);

CPR (2-3 Years)(Optional); First Aid (2 Years)(Optional);

Req. Trek Safety (2 Years); Req. if Climbing activity & Summer Camp

Req. Weather Hazards (2 Years);

Climb on Safety (2 Years); Req. if Climbing activity & Summer Camp

Req. Physical Wellness (2 Years);

Req.This is Scouting (Lifetime),

Req.Boy Scout FastStart Training (Lifetime),

Troop Committee Challenge (Lifetime)(Required Troop Committee);

Unit Coordinator (Lifetime); (Required Troop 181 Unit Coordinator)

Scoutmaster Training (Lifetime)(Required for Scoutmasters, and Asst. Scoutmasters);

BSA Aquatics Supervisor (3+Years)(Optional);

BSA Lifeguard (3+ Years)(Optional); Req. If Boating Activity

Safe Swim Defense (2 Years); Req. If Boating Activity & Summer Camp

Safety Afloat (2 Years); (Req. If Boating Activity & Summer Camp)

Rifle BB & Archery (2 Years)(Optional);

Merit Badge Counselor (Lifetime)(Required for Merit Badge Counselor;

Baloo (Lifetime) or OLSI (Outdoor Leader Skills Instruction).

Leaders please note: Only Boy Scout applicable training is listed - Youth Protection Training (YPT) (MANDATORY FOR EVERYONE); This is Scouting, Boy Scout Fast Start Training, Trek Safety; Weather Hazards; Climb on Safety; Physical Wellness; Safe Swim & Safety Afloat are MANDATORY for all adults to be able to go camping, swimming or boating, CPR & First Aid are highly recommended). If your training is currently invalid for YPT & You Cannot do any troop activities or go Camping with the Troop.. PLEASE update your training and see Troop Training Chairperson ASAP. Training not updated before summer camp will be dropped from the troop Roster and not allowed to attend summer camp or other camping activities.





Troop Funding raising policy - For Troop Fundraisers, (i.e. Hamburger/Hotdog sales, popcorn sales, candy bar sales, and sale events set up by Troop 181) for each scout participating in the event (including multiple locations, dates and times) the total amount raised from the day or weekend shall be equally divided between the troop 181 registered boy scouts as detailed below (note if different weekends, each weekend event will be considered a separate event for computation of fundraising profits, however different days within the same weekend will be considered the same fundraising event for computation of fundraising profits for that event).   For the computation, ALL fundraising events, unless specifically changed by the Troop 181 Committee at a vote of all participating board members and approved by the Troop 181 Committee Chair, shall be an equal division  (after subtraction of all costs of the fundraising event) between the Troop registered Boy Scouts and Troop 181 (i.e. 50% of the net profits to Troop 181 registered Boy Scouts and 50%  of the net profits to Troop 181 (for equipment and troop expenses).  Said equal division can only be changed by a troop committee vote and approved by the Troop 181 committee chair so that an equal division is fair to all scouts and troop and to maintain Troop 181 current policy of no monthly or yearly no member dues from scouts and registered adults. 

For the division, all proceeds from the weekend or day fundraising event (i.e. from all scouts and locations if different locations) will be pooled into one gross proceed for the event, then all costs associated with the fundraising event will be deducted first from the Gross proceeds (including costs of propane or replacement of troop materials if lost, broken, or stolen) and the first 50% will go into the general Troop 181 fund.   For the individual Troop 181 Boy Scouts participating in the fundraising event, the Troop 181 Adult in charge of the fundraising event will keep track of each boy scouts individual hours and the amounts computed for each scout to the percentage of the hour will be divided by the whole (i.e. if 7 scouts worked a total of 25 hours between the scouts, with one scout working for 1 hour with the other 6 scouts working Four hours each, there would be 4 units per hour worked (100 divided by the total 25 hours worked equals 4) and the one scout would get 4 units or 4% of the 50% net proceeds for the hour worked, and the other 6 scouts would receive 4% time the four hours worked or 16%  of the 50% net fundraising proceeds).  (NOTE, Adults working with their individual scouts DO NOT earn credits for their scouts for the fundraising event - you as an adult are helping the troop and your scout by being part of the troop - Remember its always fun).

For each scouts individual troop account, said account balance can be used by the Scout for Troop 181 Camping fee's, meal/food fees when camping, summer camp fees, uniform costs or scout store materials for Boy Scouts, and Eagle Scout projects.  Said individual scout accounts may be transferred to another family scouts troop account, if needed, upon approval of the Committee Chair, Scoutmaster and troop treasurer.  If the boy scout leaves Troop 181, or quits boy scouts, said individual scout account and funds shall be transferred into the troop 181 main account upon Committee Chair, Scoutmaster and troop treasurer approval. 

                    CAMPING PROGRAM POLICY


Boy Scout camps in Florida with accomodations and contact lists - Great List

1. Equipment for camp outs will be the responsibility of each patrol and administered by the Troop Quartermaster, Scout Quartermaster and Scoutmaster(s).

2. Three weeks before the camp out: A tour permit will be sent to council for approval, a destination, the goals of the camp out will be explained. Cooking either by troop or patrol will be decided by the Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol Leaders: Cost of camp out will be determined and permission slips will be handed out to all' scouts who wish to participate (if required). Each patrol leader will be responsible to ascertain who in his patrol is going on the camp out and to contact any patrol member who is absent from this meeting and to provide that list to the Senior Patrol Leader. One or more parents or guardian from each patrol is encouraged to drive the patrol to the camp out. If this isn't possible, the patrol will need to find a substitute driver.

3. Two weeks before the camp out: all rosters of patrol members from each patrol who plan to participate in the camp out will be turned in as well as the camping fee (if required). Camping fees are non-refundable.

4. One week before camp out: all menus will be turned in for approval to the Senior Patrol Leader and to the Scoutmaster. All permission slips must be turned in at this meeting. The bulk of this meeting will consist of camp out planning. The Senior Patrol leader and Patrol Leaders will plan a camping agenda consisting of camping activities and program activities and goals to be achieved.

5. After each camp out we should take time to discuss the camp out, what we have learned, and how we can make this camp out better. All scouts and leaders are encouraged to give their ideas and suggestions to better the program to the Outdoor Coordinator or Scoutmaster. Also, if there are places you would like to go or things you would like to do on these camp outs, please feel free to bring your ideas up for consideration. This is your program as Scouts. Let's all try to use the scout oath, scout law, and outdoor code to make this a fun learning experience.

For Camping Ideas for Beginner Campers - Check out this Link


1. On most camp outs each Patrol is responsible for their own food. Food for each Patrol is purchased by the "Food-Dude" or "Grubmaster" one person who has been selected for that position by each Patrol Leader for that camp out. At each camp out it is necessary for each scout to prepay to the "Food-Dude" two weeks in advance of the camp out a $5.00 - $15.00 fee for the weekends meals. If a Scout is attending and participating at any meal during a camp out, the Scout will be required to prepay the entire fee. No pro-rating per meal is acceptable.

2. The adults will also be responsible to share the cost of the adult meals.

Camping Food and Dutch Oven Recipes - Check out this link  Camping

Camping food recipes for kids - check out this link


1. BSA requires all Scouts and adults have a "Class 1 Health Form" be on file with the Troop before the Troop is allowed to take any Scout camping. To keep you from having to complete a separate form for each camp out, Troop 181 uses the "BSA General Consent and Release Form." Should your Scout become ill on a camp out, we will normally call you and request you pick him up from the activity for the welfare and safety of the individual as well as the Troop.


 2. If a scout requires or is currently on any medication, please consult with the camp out leader prior to the camping trip. Any scout's medication should given to the camp out leader with instructions for dosage and when the medication should be given. If a scout is allergic to a specific food (ie. Peanut butter) please let the camp out leader know the allergy and any medication that will counteract the allergic reaction.


Each Patrol has its own complete set of gear including tents, Dutch ovens, cooking utensils and camp lanterns. Each Patrol is responsible for the care and maintenance of the equipment, assigned. This includes replacement of damaged and lost equipment. Allowances will be made for normal wear and tear. However, negligence or willful destruction of Troop equipment will be charged to the appropriate parties. The Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol Leaders are responsible for reporting any damaged or lost equipment to the Troop Quartermaster, Jamie Lewis.


The list of recommended personal equipment is listed below:

RECOMMENDED PERSONAL EQUIPMENT,  Outdoor Essentials, Sleeping bag, Pocketknife, Compass, Boy Scout handbook, Extra Clothing, Rain gear, Canteen or water bottle, Flashlight (extra batteries), personal first aid kit, Sun Protection, Clothing, Short-sleeve/Long-sleeve shirt, T-Shirts, Hiking shorts, Long pants, Lightweight jacket, Extra Underwear, Extra Socks, Hiking boots or sturdy shoes (no open toed shoes allowed), Running shoes or moccasins, Cap with a brim for shade, Bandannas, swimsuit.   Personal Overnight Camping Gear, Soap/Shampoo, Toothbrush & toothpaste, Dental Floss, Towel & Washcloth, Camera & Film, Notebook & Pencil, Insect repellent (non-aerosol), Sunglasses, Magnifying glass, Binoculars, Bird and plant books.

 ****** Scouts should not bring electronic gear such as radios, CD, MP3 players or hand held video games. The Troop is not responsible if these items get lost or damaged.